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Education is a fundamental right of every person. The primary objective of Youth helping trust is “education for all”. A large number of children in India are unable to complete primary school and drop out due to the cost of attending school. We provide financial assistance to children who have to drop out because of lack of money and help in Primary education for the underprivileged. Good education provides many objectives in life; Promote personal progress, promote social level, improve social health, economic progress, national success, set goals in life, make us aware of social issues, and solve solutions to solve environmental problems and other social Issues etc.
Education develops the minds of people on a large scale and helps in eradicating all the discrimination among the people in society. The modern education system is capable of completely eliminating the problems of illiteracy and equality between the various castes, religions, and tribes. Education is equally important for both men and women because both together form a healthy and educated society.
Youth helping Trust has an education initiative that is dedicated to ensuring that education reaches the far corners of the state of India. We contribute to a fund to refund the annual scholarship of a poor student and to give the gift of education by presenting an Education Kit to a poor child or youth of India.
The distribution of the kits is directly dependent on the funds being collected from various sources including Youth helping trust. We help in empowering a student by providing free textbooks & notebooks and help in Contributing to a fund for monitoring coaching for 1200 children across centers in 7 cities, So each contribution no matter how big or small goes a long way to help educate the children and young adults of India.

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