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Youth Helping Trust is a non-profitable organization, established to work in the field of child poverty and under privileged children for a considerable change in the country. Statistics tell that India is one of the fastest emerging economic powers in the world. Its mega cities and high rise buildings tell the story of a new India. India is poised to be the world`s next superpower with its sound and transparent financial system, flourishing IT industry and academic and military preparations. But this is a half truth of India. This is an unreal picture of the country. Beyond this ocean of material prosperity there is another India, full of misery and pain. Where a dark shadow of acute poverty and illiteracy is prevailing. This country of 1.1 billion people still has at least 410 million people living in poverty. Amongst them 238 million Indian are described as being chronically hungry. Crushing poverty and malnutrition remain harsh realities for millions of Indians. People are deprived from basic facilities of health and basic needs of life. The bright future of their children is lost in the hotels and factories. This gloomy situation is calling every citizen of India to come forward and start a struggle. Youth Helping Trust is determined to work in the areas of Child Health & nutrition, child protection and Humanitarian response for the achievement of cultural and political empowerment of these downtrodden and deprived people irrespective of cast, creed and religion.


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Join us in our efforts to change lives and extend your moral and financial support for the cause. We collect and utilize all types of donations and charities. We work in the field on Child health treatment suffering from major disease`s and we help them to provide a better life free from disease`s and illness. The main objective of the Youth Helping Trust is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management. Thus community participation, education, protection and promotion of environment and social capital are central to the activities of the organization.